Snowdrops & Lily of the Valley

    Sales price: 9,99 €
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    Sales price: 9,99 €
    Let the spring into your home and decorate your kids’ room with our Snowdrops & Lily of the Valley. With 16 contour cut wall decals: snowdrops, lilies-of-the-valley, birds, ladybirds, clouds and the Sun, we have everything you love to see come to life in spring. The children will love the song and color in their room and will have fun re-arranging these elements again and again.

    Decorates ~ 110x50 cm - 43x20 in
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    The elements come in various sizes in order for you to find the best way to apply on the wall:

    • The white lily of the valley is approximately 17x27 cm (6.5x10.5");
    • The Sun is ~ 17x17 cm (6.5x6.5”).

    This set comes on 3 backing sheets of 22x31 cm (8.7x12.2") each.
    All wall stickers have a thin outline (white or transparent).

    You can use your imagination to apply the elements in the set in any way you want: as a set, on a single or several adjacent walls, or as no set, with the different elements dispersed throughout your kids’ rooms or throughout your home.

    You can also apply these wall stickers in bathrooms.

    Our wall-stickers have a friendly design in bright colors and are easy to apply (no tools required), to reposition, reuse and remove without leaving a trace.

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