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    Sales price: 64,99 €
    Whoever thinks that children cannot be active indoors has forgotten about the good-old-fashioned hopscotch. We are bringing it back to you with our modern and colorful floor set to help you enjoy it both indoors and outdoors.
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    Contains 10 floor graphics pieces which form a modern hopscotch (you can place the pieces how far apart you consider suitable), the rectangular pieces are 26x20 cm (10x8 in) while the circle, number 10 has a 43 cm (17 in) diameter.

    In the suggested layout it covers an area of approximately 230x60 cm / 90.5x23.5 in (images are for illustration purposes only).

    Jump safely

    To think how plain hopscotch used to be in our times … We made it so much better for you! Hopscotch is no longer old fashioned! Not only fun and colorful, but the hopscotch we made is water and scuff resistant, and comes with non-skid and anti-slip lamination.

    Jump inside

    It doesn't matter if it’s raining outside, you can place the hopscotch on the floor of your living room and the play is on. You can forget about boredom in front of the TV.

    With 10 graphic pieces that you can place either far apart or tightly together, your children and their friends will be able to play endless jumping championships.

    Jump outside

    You don’t have the space for a pool? Get a hopscotch for your back yard instead and organize a jumping contest with your children and their friends.

    They will enjoy being active, competing against each other and keeping scores. You will just have to keep up with the refreshments.

    Jump at school

    Are you looking for a new touch in your classroom or at day-care? Our fabulous hopscotch is an invitation to being active, to playing and, why not, to learning! Are you wondering how that is possible?

    Well … learning to count, learning colors, learning shapes and animals, learning body parts and learning how to draw are among the things children can do while skipping up and down our hopscotch … And we are sure teachers will find new and fun activities to involve the little ones in!

    Still hesitating?

    Have you got a better idea what your hopscotch should look like? We also accept orders for custom sizes and designs. Do not hesitate to contact us and share your ideas.

    This product is designed and printed in the European Union on high quality matte floor graphics (StreetRap® by MACtac®).


    All you need is a flat, relatively smooth surface. The material is specially designed to adhere to concrete and asphalt, as well as indoors surfaces such as wood, tiles and stone. The smoother the surface, the better adherence you get, while the lamination foil protects the print and makes it non-slip.

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